All About Major League Baseball

Major league baseball (MLB) is the most popular of the four national sports. It was established in 1903 and has had fervent fans since the beginning. Rivalries between teams and players were the norm for baseball in its early years. The 1920’s are often known as the “dead ball” era because of the small number of home runs hit. This decade was dominated by masterful pitchers such as Cy Young and Walter Johnson. Baseball also received its first black eye when players and other notables fixed the 1919 World Series. These players were accused of losing the Series for the prize of a $100,000 ring. Even though they were found not guilty, this stigma hung over them permanently. Jackie Robinson proudly broke the color barrier in baseball shortly after the second World War. The 70’s and the 80’s were known as the homerun era as records were set and more info about MLB at


All About Major League Baseball

The 70’s and the 80’s were referred to as the homerun era as records were set and broken.

Players in the 2000’s easily hit 40 or 50 home runs a season. You can compare bookmakers at compare the bets to find a decent money line if you fancy a punt. Many critics attribute this surge to the rise in steroid and performance enhancing drug use. Some baseball scholars believe that pitching had to become more accurate and trickier, to combat the increase in home runs. The last 20 years have seen talented pitchers such as Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, and Randy Johnson.

Today, baseball is a multimillion dollar enterprise. The organization consists of 30 teams (29 in the United States and 1 in Canada). Huge stadiums with artificial surfacing bring in fans and ever increasing profits. The most expensive stadium in baseball is Fenway Stadium where two tickets click here to read more about Fenway Stadium, two beers, two hot dogs and parking will cost you $157. The least expensive is Angel Stadium where you will pay $47.60 for the same items. Teams play in 162 games a season which peaks with the World Series and a best of seven championships. The most world series titles are held by the New York Yankees. Last year, 73 million fans were watching major league baseball.

A Brief Overview of MLB and where it’s Headed

The game of baseball has the oldest sports league within the United States and Canada. The game of baseball seemed to evolve over time from other outdoor ball and stick games and no one can say with certainty who invented this sport. Some claim that the game evolved from rounders which is a game that is very similar to baseball.

The United States and Canada has the Major League Baseball (MLB) Association. This particular sporting league has 30 teams that is divided between to two leagues. They are the American League and the National League. Each league has 15 teams divided up into 3 divisions. There are 29 teams that are based within the United States and 1 team comes from Canada. Both the American and National leagues have merged under the MLB in 2000.

The MLB also governs 240 Minor League Baseball teams. Each minor league team is affiliated with a major league club. Professional players are often taken from the ranks of minor league teams or recruited from college. The MLB also oversees the World Baseball Softball Confederation and the international World Baseball Classic Tournament. The MLB was founded in 1903. Every team plays a total of 162 games each season. At least 5 teams emerge from each league to compete in the playoffs or postseason tournament. The two remaining teams from the postseason game then ends up in the World Series to play a series of 7 games. The team that wins the most games out of the seven are the World Series champions.

There are 6 teams in the MLB league that are ranked higher than any other franchise in terms of World Series wins. The New York Yankees is the number one franchise in baseball. They have won 27 world series games since the league first began. The St. Louis Cardinals holds 11 championship wins. The Oakland Athletics have a respectable 9 wins. The San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox both have 8 titles under their belts. The Los Angeles Dodgers have 6. Each of these teams typically make it to the postseason tournaments each more about New York Yankees at

Spring training is the preseason time period for MLB teams. Each team plays a series of preseason games and hold team practices. This part of the season lasts from February to April. The season normally begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the first Sunday in October. Most teams play at least 5 games a week and they usually take Monday’s and Thursday’s off.

Baseball temporarily was an Olympic sport but it was permanently removed from the Olympic sporting events line up by the International Olympic Committee in 2008. The MLB is seriously trying to get the game reinstated for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, click here to read more info on 2020 Olympic. They would have tried to push for the 2016 games in Rio but it is too late to petition the IOC for baseball’s return.

The MLB has been considering expanding its team roster to include cities such as Montreal, Las Vegas, Portland, San Antonio or Austin. The added franchises would help to make the overall league more exciting and it will bring more revenue to the sport. If the MLB decides to add these teams they probably be included by the 2030s.

6 Fun Facts about MLB that You Will Surprise You

There’s a reason baseball is America’s favourite pastime – the two and a half hours of innings are a magical stretch of time in a sport that is engrained in the country’s history like no other.

Nearly every true-blue American loves baseball playoff, and why not? This is one game that dates back to traditions of decades ago.

To honour and celebrate the spirit of Major League Baseball, here are 6 facts about baseball that will surprise you and make the game that much more fun for you:

1. MLB teams of before were not recognised by their team’s jerseys.

In the initial years of the National League, baseball teams were distinguished by the socks they wore, namely – red, brown and white. The fact is, the home teams used to don white socks as it was more convenient for them to do their laundry and the visiting baseball teams used to wear dark shades of stockings as it wasn’t that feasible for them to wash their dirty linen.

6 Fun Facts about MLB that You Will Surprise You

2. The Jackie Robinson myth is just that – a myth.

Jackie Robinson, the grandson of an American slave and a second lieutenant in the U.S. army, is believed to be the first professional baseball player of black color. This is a fabricated myth as William Edward White was the first black player to take the baseball field in an 1879 game. He acted as a substitute.

3. MLB’s cheating history is as old as the game.

In 1876, the National League was formed to combat the long-standing issues of gambling and cheating in baseball. In one year 4 players had to be banned for cheating! So MLB’s formation and cheating go kind of hand-in-hand, surprisingly.

4. Did you ever get a ball on your face?

All pro baseball fans know that if you sit in the stadium, you might be hit in the face by a random flying home run or any of the foul balls that players throw around. Luckily, the odds be of that happening are 300000 to 1. So this threat is quite unlikely to take place.

5. The smallest attended game ever played in baseball history.

When the Florida Marlins played against Cincinnati in a game hosted by them, only 347 avid fans attended it. That is recorded as the smallest audience for a pro baseball game in the game’s history.

6. Charlie Sheen is a super baseball fan.

Charlie Sheen has been such a huge fan of the MLB that he booked a whole section, about 2615 tickets, to enhance his chances of catching a home run ball in the baseball outfield.